Job Fair Sponsorship

This year there will be lots of changes and many reasons (a full 47 of reasons) to come to the Job Fair. As a Sponsor of the DFWQAA Job Fair, we are asking you to help us to attract more active and passive Job Fair Attendees. Here is what we are asking from each Sponsor:

1. Initial Sponsor Donation of $200 (payable online). This helps DFWQAA pay for:

a. Location Rental

b. Refreshments for the Attendees and Sponsors

c. Door Prize – a 47” flat screen TV to be raffled off (attendees must get a stamp from each Sponsor to qualify for drawing)

2. Two (2) generic, but real, job descriptions that we will publish to each attendee with your contact information.

a. Additional active job descriptions to discuss with attendees at the Job Fair.

3. Recruiters or Hiring Managers to talk to the Attendees

Here is what each Sponsor should expect to receive:

1. A six foot table with three chairs to meet Attendees and display any company information you wish to give out.

2. Every Attendee should stop by your booth to ask for a stamp on their entry for the Door Prize drawing.

3. A disk with the softcopy resumes of active job search candidates and personal contact information for passive job search attendees.

4. Recognition as a DFWQAA Job Fair Sponsor at the start of the Job Fair and at the Door Prize drawing.

5. As a non-profit organization, DFWQAA will send you a thank you letter acknowledging that $150 of your donation is tax deductible.

We will be reaching out to each of you individually. More details will be published soon on our website. You may send Sponsor Donations by check (in the mail) or by credit card on our website. Check out the invitation on the Job Fair link to see what our Attendees will receive by email. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you at the DFWQAA Job Fair.

Job Fair Sponsor Donation

Please contact Ray Rivas at for more information on sponsorships.